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Logan O'Brien


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Jewish Celebrities Website
Logan has been added to the Jewish Celebrities website. Check it out at http://www.juf.org/tweens/new_cel.asp?id=152

New Interviews Online
Be sure to check out the new exclusive interviews with Logan, now online in his Media section!

"Serenity" for Logan
Logan has booked the co-starring role of Borodin in the new Universal Studios feature film "Serenity," directed by Joss Whedan. The film premieres September 30, 2005.

Young Filmmakers Club
Logan O'Brien hosts the instructional video "The Young Filmmakers Club: Video Camera Techniques." This 25 minute color video introduces the digital video camera and explains how to use it. Logan instructs step-by-step camera selection, camera operation, framing and camera movement.  An emphasis is placed on how the camera becomes part of the visual storytelling process. The video was nominated for best video in the Film and Video, Non-Broadcast category at the New York 2002 International Film and Video Festival. Volume 2 in the series, "Digital Video Editing," is available now. Produced by Thomas Gertsch. See www.youngfilmmakersclub.com for more information!

Logan O'Brien, a talented young actor with a growing list of impressive credits to his name, is best known for his portrayal of "Lucas Jones" on "General Hospital," a role he had from 1998-2002. He has been involved in many theatrical productions, earning awards and nominations for his exemplary performances, and was seen in the ABC primetime pilot sitcom "That Was Then." Logan has recently completed filming his part in the new Universal Studios feature film "Serenity," directed by Joss Whedan, premiering worldwide September 30, 2005.

Logan started his career at a very early age. At six, he booked his first feature film role in the independent film "Special Delivery" starring Sean Young, Penny Marshall, and Nell Carter. He soon followed up with co-starring roles in Disney's "Smart House," and Hallmark's "A Season For Miracles" with Laura Dern and Lynne Redgrave.

Throughout his career Logan has made numerous television appearances. He has co-starred on shows such as CBS' primetime drama "The Guardian," the Fox hit TV show "Malcolm in the Middle," "Becker" with Ted Danson, and "Mad About You" with Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt. He also has past appearances on "News Radio" with Phil Hartman, HBO's "Mr. Show," and made several guest appearances on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Additionally, Logan has acted in numerous television commercials and has completed over 250 different modeling jobs.

This Fall (2006) Logan will be entering 11th grade. He has attended LAUSD's Independent Study Program on the Gifted Track, entering 2nd grade straight from Kindergarten. In the 7th grade, he read at college level and scored 98th percentile in Reading Comprehension on National testing. He has just finished accelerating three grades - 7th, 8th, and 9th, in two school years. Logan was honored by being chosen Valedictorian for his Middle School, class of 2005. He also received the Student of the Year Award and the Science Achievement Award. His favorite subjects include Science, English, Hebrew, French, and History. He has been attending Magnet High School since Fall, 2005. Logan's future goals include acting, attending college at USC, going to USC Law School to become an attorney for animals and environmental issues, and graduating from USC Film School. He is already working on college courses concurrently with his high school courses, completing French I at age 11, for five permanent college credits, with the grade of A. He will graduate high school at 16 years old.

When not acting, Logan is busy enjoying other activities and interests. He is an athletic 13-year-old who excels at Kung Fu San Soo, where he has earned his brown belt, and fencing, where he competed and won a gold medal. He also loves swimming, biking, carve boarding, snowboarding, surfing, SCUBA, horseback riding, basketball, golf, reading, chess, and traveling. Logan also attends various charity events, and served a term as a Board Member for Kids With A Cause. Logan is the Executive Producer of his own video series and the creator of his own production company, Bowlcut Productions.

Logan currently resides in the Los Angeles area with his parents.

               "Its hard to be a child and easy to be an actor!"
                                   - Logan O'Brien, 2001
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