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                                                                           KidActors: Your voice has changed again!

                                                                           Logan O’Brien: Yes, but everything is under control ha ha!

                                                                           KidActors: You’ve been busy with school since we celebrated your last birthday in
                                                                           January. How are the college classes working out?

                                                                           Logan O'Brien: Great! I’m having a good time with it all. French was great; I had a
                                                                           terrific teacher and I got an A for five permanent college credits. For this past
                                                                           Spring semester, I took a course in Theater Arts production Workshop and I got an
                                                                           A. I loved that course. The Theater Department was putting on “Smokey Joe’s
                                                                           Café” and I picked Running Crew to work on. My dad did not think I would be so great on painting or building scenery. :D No one      ever asked how old I was, just the instructor. Then he assigned me to work the
                                                                           lights. I learned to work the light board and the house lights, and basically how to work the lighting for the entire show. The show ran for almost three weeks. I met some funny and talented people from the cast and crew. I'm registered for French 2 this fall.


KidActors: When you took French, how did it feel to sit in a class with college students? Did they look at you differently? Did the teacher treat you the same as everyone else?

Logan O’Brien: The class started out with over 40 people and by the first test there were about 30 left and then by the final there were less than 20 students left. I have to say the truth because some of the students were rude, did not do the homework, and did other things like cheating. It hurt my feelings because the teacher was so nice. I could not believe how many students smoked either! I don’t have any fixed opinion of college students. No one cared about my age. No one thought I needed any help. The teacher was fine with me being in the class. She nicknamed me “Petit” which means small in French.

KidActors: Working as the host for “The Young Filmmaker’s Club” must have made you a pro with the camera…are you?

Logan O’Brien: I know how to use the digital video camera, but there is more to getting good video than just that. You have to know about lighting, sound, and good composition. I am good at editing and I like doing that.

KidActors: This January, you visited Sweden again for your birthday. How was your snowboarding experience?

Logan O’Brien: I was in Are which has some of the highest mountains and the best snowboarding in all of Sweden and is ranked as being one of the top three places in the world. Plus I was with Anni who is a champion snowboarder. What more could I ask for? It was a great time of course, but there is one story that is funny now, but was very scary the day it happened. I thought it was the worst day of my life when it was happening. I wrote about it for an English "autobiographical anecdote".

Are, Sweden

The first time I went snowboarding in Are, Sweden with my best friend Anni, who is a champion snowboarder, I was nervous because when we got to the top of the mountain, it began to snow and my vision in my goggles was blurry. To add to that, we were going to go down the highest peak in Northern Europe. Anni always goes down first and I follow. She usually waits for me after she
goes some distance. That was the plan that day also. Anni went down first, then I went down but I came to a fork in the snow path. I could have sworn that I saw Anni's red jacket go to the right, so I went to the right. Very soon, I came to rocks and a drop-off. I fell. I thought that Anni had gone off the cliff! I waited there, looking over the cliff. It felt like the worst thing ever had just happened. I didn't know what to do. Around my neck was a small elk whistle that I had gotten the day before as a souvenir from Sweden. I crumpled in the snow, being the most miserable and scared that I had ever been in my life and I began to blow the silly whistle. I didn't care about anything except finding Anni. I thought she might hear the whistle, if she wasn't completely dead. I kept blowing it and blowing it! All of a sudden, a hand grabbed me on my shoulder. It was Anni! She told me I had gone the wrong way and she had been looking for me until she heard the whistle. She said I had gone the wrong way, actually, the way that was forbidden.

When we went down the mountain together, it was a piece of cake now, even if it was snowing, my goggles were foggy, and I was freezing. Anni was safe. I went down the biggest mountain any snowboarder could ever wish to go down, without any fear at all. It seemed pretty simple now, on how to snowboard down mountains. Just do what you learned, and don't let a little fear dominate you.


KidActors: Any plans for more traveling soon?

Logan O’Brien: Yes, if we don't have any terrorist attacks. It is not that I would be afraid to travel, I would just not feel like going on a vacation.

KidActors: You have quite a community of friends here on the KidActors website. What does it mean to you as an actor to have a website like this?

Logan O’Brien: I have been writing on this website for 1/3 of my life. I learned grammar, spelling, geography, and how to type by writing on the message board. It feels like family to come to the message board. I appreciate everyone and Kris, the Webmaster.

KidActors: Can you explain why some of the links on your “Links” section, like “For the Animals Foundation”, “Pine Ridge Reservation”, “Perceval Press”, and Dogtown and Z-Boys” are your favorites?

Logan O’Brien: Well, "For the Animals" is an organization that saves dogs from being put to death, just because they are homeless. The dogs go home with the people until they are adopted. Larry was there for five months and no one wanted him. On the day my mom saw him, there were all of a sudden two other families that wanted him also, but luckily, we got him.

"Pine Ridge Reservation" is an Indian reservation and one of the poorest areas in the United States. They are the Lakota people, whose ancestors were killed at Wounded Knee.

"Perceval Press" is the website for the publishing company of Viggo Mortensen, one of my favorite people that I know. I have met him about six times and he has influenced me a lot to think about many issues and to appreciate and write poetry. He always remembers my name, which is extremely cool, and I usually give him a new poem that I wrote, which he puts it in his backpack. He doesn't know I am an actor.

"Dogtown and Z-Boys" is the story of how extreme skateboarding got started, and is special to me because it happened right here, in Venice Beach, California. I met some of the Z-Boys at the movie premier and I met David Ferry while I was doing "The Guardian". The Board Gallery, owned by Ray Flores, is in Venice and is actually a skateboard museum. Ray once showed me a 1970's skateboarding film and he even did a 360 degree spin on a board for me.


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