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Q: Logan, you’re very intelligent, you like to study and above that, you’re a gifted actor. Does that affect the way you make friends? Is it harder to make friends who understand you?  From: Emmi Visser, Netherlands

A: Most people have a lot of acquaintances. I have a ton of acquaintances, but that is different from having good friends. I think there are degrees of friendship. I don't need friends to understand me. I am just regular. I have a few very good friends. I am not into hanging out with friends right now. First of all, I’m not old enough, and my parents don’t allow me to just leave the house and hang out somewhere. That is probably because we live in L.A. It has to do with safety. Second, I don’t have that much time. Even going to one audition in a day can use up hours of time. For example, the travel time can be 1-2 hours, the audition can take to 1 hour and coaching can take 1-2 hours with driving there and then getting coached. My very best friends who know me well are Anni who lives in Sweden, Duane who lives in Nevada, my Dad, my Mom, my dogs, and my XBOX. I am a pretty happy stay-at-home-with-my-family kind of guy. :D


Q: Logan, what is it like when you are filming and you are the only kid on the set?
From: Emmi Visser, Netherlands

A: It just feels normal. I never feel younger or different from the other actors. Other actors have always treated me with respect, I have no complaints. For example - the first day on the set of “General Hospital”, the Director introduced me to all the cast and told all of them to treat me like an equal. On “General Hospital” there was one person who used to like to joke around and pick me up and make me laugh all the time when I was little. My dad told me I would have to say something to put a stop to it, because that behavior was not like me at all. So I had to take control of the situation and stop letting him joke around with me. Most child actors are mature enough to handle themselves. I guess if you act immature, you get treated that way.

Q: What do you enjoy most about acting?  From: Jake G

A: Now that I am older, I like to think that I'm acting well and getting a good story across to an audience. I like it best when the Director mostly leaves it to me to interpret the character; how he says the lines and what he does with the between the lines part. I like meeting everyone on and behind the set and traveling to locations, and having new experiences.

Q: I only know you from the Message Board and the FAQs page and the impression you give off is a PERFECT kid…since nobody is really perfect, what do you think one of your flaws is?  From: Ed Escobar

A: That is a hard one - can I get back to you on it? :D

Q: I was just wondering if you visit any fan sites, and if so, what’s your favorite one?
From: Jem, NZ

A: Other than KidActors, I usually look actors up on the Internet Movie Data Base. It's pretty cool when an actor keeps up their own website or they make sure it stays updated. My friend Lalaine is like that.

Q: In “The Guardian”, you play a kid that has to choose between staying with his brother or having a shot at having a better life. Would you have made the same choice as your character or would you have decided differently?  From: Karen Thompson

A: I definitely would not have made the script's choice. If I was very smart, like in the script, I would not need a special school to do well. How would they know I would still do well if I was separated from my brother? I would not want to live with people that made me make a choice like that and who did not understand that my brother needed me and I needed him.

Q: What “KidActor” would you most like to work with and why?
From: Gar Carey

A: I like working with Seth Adkins. We made three Honda commercials together. All of the KidActors seem like they would be good to work with.

Q: As a series regular on “General Hospital” for four years, do you wish to pursue acting in feature films now and in your future ahead?  From: Grace Carroll

A: On GH, I wasn’t on every day like the main teen and adult characters, so I was able to work on TV, modeling, and commercial jobs at the same time, but when you are an adult or a main character on a soap show, you really can’t get away that much for other work, unless you get permission from the show and they write you out of the script for awhile. Even with my not being on everyday, I missed going to Salt Lake City for ten days to film the first show for a new pilot series and I missed being able to do a car commercial that I booked because I was on hold for GH. Also, every one hour show on GH was about seventy pages of script, and so you had to work very hard on lines that sometimes got delivered to your house only the night before. Basically, being on soaps as a main character, is a huge commitment for actors, but it actually wasn’t that way for me. It just affected me a few times in the four years when I couldn't work other things I booked. I didn’t look at the kind of acting on a soap as being different from some other kind of acting, like on a TV show. The only real distinction I feel is when I am acting before a camera and when I am acting on the stage.

Q: I saw you on “Disney’s Cool Pets”. What’s it like having a pig as a pet?  From: Brian J.

A: Molly was born three months before me and my parents have always called her my sister. That is how I think of her. Really, I do. I do not know what it’s like not to have her around!

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